3D wood workshop, about ATELIER FALHER

ATELIER FALHER . 3D wood manufacturing workshop

ATELIER FALHER . Wooden 3D manufacturing workshop

its Story . its Evolution

ATELIER FALHER is a family-run workshop set up in 2017 by Armelle Le Corre to launch an innovation-oriented 3D wood manufacturing business to complement the joinery factory she has run since 2008.

trained as a physicist, working in the research department and then as head of the ‘components and sub-systems’ department at Mercedes in Germany, before returning to traditional joinery to broaden the scope of creative possibilities.

She chose Strato-conception®, a 3D printing technology.

It enables her to achieve an exceptional fusion of traditional woodworking with this innovative wood additive manufacturing technology.

3D manufacturing. An innovative, noble process for wood and composite materials

3D manufacturing . An innovative and noble process for wood and composite materials

The Strato-conception® process makes it totally conceivable to create complex, delicate and difficult-to-obtain shapes :

  • without altering the design or the line for reasons of assembly or the mechanical constraints of the work,
  • and without the need for conventional machining, which generates waste, scrap, the manufacture of tools and multiple upstream operations such as bending the wood, etc.

Once the manufacturing process is in place, it makes it easier to mass-produce pieces.

made-to-measure . custom-made . flexible

ATELIER FALHER . A partner to your imagination

ATELIER FALHER . A partner in your imagination

architects . construction managers . interior architects . designers . craftsmen and collectors

ATELIER FALHER brings together people who are experts in the woodworking trades and masters of the additive manufacturing process, to meet the technical and aesthetic requirements of your project and facilitate discussions right from the design stage.

We work directly with you at every stage of your project, from inception to completion, with no intermediaries.

From the outset, we have worked with the same selected local sawmills committed to supplying high-quality, PEFC-certified timber. They contribute to our work of excellence, thanks to their close proximity combined with their know-how.

Our overall environmental approach is also certified annually by an independent certification body, guaranteeing that your projects are eco-designed.

Located in the heart of Brittany, in the Côtes-d’Armor region, ATELIER FALHER operates throughout France, Europe and the rest of the world.

ATELIER FALHER operates in France, Europe and internationally.

our Network of partners

CIRTES . Institut Technologique FCBA . Dispano . Jean Hue . Armor Bois . Peltier Bois

The panels we use are at least 60% PEFC certified. Chain of custody number

PEFC quality certification ATELIER FALHER 2023