Trendy chair “Gracile” chair by Séraphyn Luce Danet

"Gracile" Seraphyn Danet - 2023 -Extrait/Auszug/Extract Visite DecoVD

Elegant curves and curves of line, a fusion of aesthetics and functionality produced in 8 pieces by ATELIER FALHER.

Chaise Gracile ©, Séraphyn Luce Danet

Elegant lines and curves, exotic beauty

An invitation to relax and admire, some of these chairs create an impression of movement and dynamism.
The Gracile chair, exhibited in June 2023 at the Révélations show in Paris, reflects this search for fluidity, lightness and femininity.
Free of any visible assembly, the birch wood is the result of advanced machining technology that breaks down and reconstitutes the object. This gives the seat a singular essence.
As a result, the finishes are invisible, the lines reduced to the expressiveness of an inspired pencil stroke.
Through a vision that is both artistic and ecological, each detail writes the story of intelligent design and an approach that respects nature.

Visite Déco, VD . 2023