Backstage video of additive manufacturing in wood

Behind the scene of additive manufacturing in wood by ATELIER FALHER

The manufacture of a wooden design object using additive manufacturing involves a large number of stages, around fifteen in all, each of which requires precision, finesse and excellence.

1. Drawing
2. Creation of the 3D file using Rhinocéros software
3. Meshing
4. Perfect control of the mesh
5. Extraction of the STL file
6. Programming the milling tool
7. Position the wooden panel
8. Milling the design parts
9. Clear each element of the piece
10. Sandpapering the elements and adjusting for invisible nesting
11. Assembly and gluing
12. 1st complete sandpapering
13. 1st varnishing
14. 2nd full sandpapering
15. 2nd and 3rd varnishing operations
16. 3rd finish sandpapering

The final part has no visible joints. Positioning and reinforcement inserts make assembly invisible.
The resulting glued laminate is solid.

ATELIER FALHER’s expertise supports the aesthetic enhancement of the wood and allows the material to be interpreted by revealing the wood’s patterns and lines in the volume.

The finely-tuned finishing stages produce an extraordinarily silky, warm final result.

The ‘Gracile’ chair was first presented at the Révélation show in June 2023 at the Grand Palais Éphémère and selected for auction during the show.